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Awesome podcast

It's great and don't tell Patrick I'm going to steal his tiara

Humor and horror

I can't say enough good things about this podcasts. Perfect for the horror fan, gay or straight, you'll be introduced to all sorts of obscure movies as well as the horror fare of New York's haunted houses and Off-Broadway shows.

Absolutely amazing

One of my favortie horror podcasts. It's amazing how the host can keep his listeners entertained for the span of an episode..........actually no it's not because it's Patrick and if you start listening you'll understand what I mean. From the stories of his everyday life to the extensive horror movie knowledge he'll impart.......I SHOULD HAVE TO KEEP REVIEWING..JUST LISTEN ALREADY!!!!!!!!

Doesn't matter what I write, I still get no Tiara

(that is, unless I swipe one from my boyfriend) Patrick provides one of the most entertaining podcasts around. After a few episodes, you truly get a feeling of what a caring and fun person he is, almost as if he is your close buddy. Or chum. Or compadre. Or something like that. Anyway, his knowledge and insight on the horror genre is quite inpressive, and there is truly something here for everyone, regardless of whether you like horror or not. He is one of those podcasts that I make sure not to miss, and I even keep the old ones to listen to again, so I can be reminded of some of the many movies that he recomends (or warns against).

One of the best!

I really enjoy listening to Patricks podcast. He keeps me laughing and in a good mood at work. I loose interest with stuff really easily, but I'm always looking forward to hearing him each week. Keep up the good work! Now give me my freakin tiara!!!

You Will Believe a Gay Man Loves Horror

Host Patrick assembles a thoroughly entertaining show featuring his fascinating life as an actor in New York who shares his love for horror films with the world. Regular segments include the "Crapshoot," in which he watches a horror flick out of curiosity and then shares the pleasure or pain generated by his experience. Most often the episodes center around a current hit or a classic film. Even if you aren't necessarily a horror fan, Patrick's warm and bubbly (like a cauldron) demeanor will ensure you get sucked into the inescapable vortex of mayhem that this show is. Get "bent" and become a Scream Queen today!

Freakin' Awesome!

Just an all around excellent show! Patrick is one of the best podcast hosts around (and all around cool guy) and very knowledgeable in pretty much everything horror! I never miss a show!😁

I Scream 4 ScreamQueenz with a Z!

I found about this podcast when I heard Patrick on the TWIG podcast. I simply had to subscribe, I downloaded all the podcasts & loyally listened & I don't regret it. Now I always look foward to a new podcast. P.S now can I have The 👑(Tiara) pretty pretty. Please.

Horror movies with flair

Patrick loves horror movies, and loves to talk about them. Now he does throw a lot of other things into the podcast, which adds a lot to the fun. This is a fun podcast to listento.

good stuff!

Scream Queens is one of the funniest, most insightful and real podcasts around. The host Patrick is super relatable (to gay and straight folk alike) and his movie reviews are both funny and enjoyable. Patrick doesn't act like a stuffy, better-than-you movie snob, like a lot of the horror podcasts tend to do; he's open and honest with his reviews and I appreciate that. Definitely worth a listen!!!

A Very Different Kind of Podcast

No matter your sexual orientation, if you love horror you will love this podcast. Your host Patrick will take you through all things horror - and review new releases and little-known gems or perhaps pieces of crap via the Crap Shoot segment of the show. Not only does Patrick entertain and educate, he takes you through things in his personal life that will make you laugh out loud and sometimes maybe even cry just a little. The more you listen to the show, the more addicted you will get - guaranteed. He is irreverant, hilarious, and just great fun! Give it a try you will love it.

Love It

Haven't I said that I love Scream Queenz? I haven't?! Well, I do!



ScreamQueenz (with a "Z")!!

Where my inner queen comes out to play... before I throw him back in the closet!

Amazingly entertaining!

This is a great podcast! Patrick is funny, always entertaining but the reviews are very good and Patrick takes his horror seriously.

Great Podcast

Patrick makes hosting a Horror Podcast seem easy. Screem Queenz is so entertaining and funny that time flys by and you wish the episode was longer. If I had a Tiara Patrick would get it.


You may cry and laugh at the same time. You may scare people by suddenly guffawing in public. Do not listen to this on the treadmill. In fact, keep this out of your gym play list. You will have a good time.

Extremely entertaining!

I heard about this podcast from another podcast that I listen to and I cannot begin to say how entertaining it is! Patrick is extremely funny and I could listen to the podcast even if I didn't like horror movies, but I think he is slowly turning me into a scream queen! I love the podcast and I need MORE MORE MORE!

Something is definitely wrong here

but I love it... and I love that crazy a-hole Patrick!

Can't stop this podcast from rockin!

This podcast is a great example of a podcast gone right! All of the Movies About Girls Podcast members agree that this podcast is podcasticle!

Everything is kosher here... well maybe not Kosher but...

Was there ever any doubt that a talent such as the Red Meanace, AKA Patrick, would be able to entertain? With a zillion different horror related casts out there it's nice to have one that isn't afraid to take a fresh look at things in a fun way. Keeps it up Patty my boy!

An enormous talent

PROS: This show is hilarious, well produced, informative and extremely entertaining. Let's hope the host has no life whatsoever, so he can continue to produce this show. His horror knowledge is unrivaled. CONS: Wish it was longer.

Me likey this one

Being a queer lover of the horror, I've been looking for a podcast like this. So far, I'm really digging what I hear. Can't wait to see the journey this podcast takes. Keep up the laughs, screams, and good work.