Tobe Hooper's THE FUNHOUSE (1981) -

October 22, 2021

Tobe Hooper's THE FUNHOUSE (1981) - "Pay To Get In. Pray To Get Out." - with JOHN "Stan the Mechanic" HERNANDEZ
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Step right up, step right up! Climb aboard for the ride of your life...or possibly the end of your life.

This Halloween, I'm inviting you to spend the night with me in TOBE HOOPER's 1981 creepy carnival monster mashup, THE FUNHOUSE.

When an evening at the carnival proves neither thrilling nor chilling enough, Amy and her friends get the bright idea to have an impromptu overnight smooch-n-grope party in the creepy funhouse. After accidentally witnessing a murder, the gang finds themselves being hunted by the ride's bloodthirsty barker and his not-quite-human son.

You can expect:

  • Gratuitous boobs
  • Persnickety palm readers
  • Questionable parenting
  • Animatronic insanity
  • Split skulls
  • Split spliffs
  • Wiggling
  • Dancing
  • Murderous mutants

Joining us on this ill-advised gondola ride into hell is JOHN HERNANDEZ and his hairy horny humpy horror host alter ego, STAN THE MECHANIC!

THE FUNHOUSE was directed by TOBE HOOPER ("Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "Salem's Lot") and stars ELIZABETH BERRIDGE ("Amadeus"), COOPER HUCKABEE ("True Blood", "Gettysburg"), LARGO WOODRUFF ("Bill: On His Own"), MILES CHAPIN ("Pandemonium", "Howard the Duck", KEVIN CONWAY ("Oz", "Slaughterhouse Five") and SYLVIA MILES ("The Sentinel", "Evil Under the Sun").


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John A Hernandez aka Stan the Mechanic

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John A. Hernandez is the writer and creator of Stan the Mechanic, a queer horror-hosted show with episodes currently streaming on HereTV and at He currently writes film reviews and opinion pieces for the Stan website and is a long-time contributor to Bear World Magazine. He currently resides with his husband in New York City.