October 07, 2022

"This movie is so lonely..." - GRIMM LOVE (2006)
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CW: suicide, child abuse, child endangerment, sexual violence, dark psychological themes.

Love bites. Love bleeds.

Love lives. Love dies.

Love begs. Love pleads.

Love is Grimm.

The final stop on our "Dark Side Of Rainbow" tour leads us into the darkest, most dangerous reaches of the forest where the only monsters are us.

GRIMM LOVE is a fictionalization of the infamous "German gay cannibal case" in which Armin Meiwes killed and ate his willing victim Bernd Brandes.

Yet despite the grisly sensational subject matter, GRIMM LOVE weaves a tale that is as hauntingly beautiful as it is horrifically tragic.

To help me navigate this twisted path, I've enlisted MAYA MUPHY from "DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!" and ROSEWATER.

GRIMM LOVE is available on Prime, Tubi and Peacock.


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00.00 Intro

02:26 GRIMM LOVE with Maya Murphy

01:39:00 Final Thoughts on GRIMM LOVE

01:46:05 Aftercare

01:55:30 What's Next and Contact Info

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Maya MurphyProfile Photo

Maya Murphy

Maya Murphy is a massive nerd based in NYC. She is a co-host of DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS, a Friday the 13th tv series recap podcast. Her voice can also be heard in the upcoming video game Rosewater, and the narrative podcast Whisperling.