April 05, 2020

"The Night THE COWS Came Home" - ISOLATION (2005)
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Last month, the listeners voted which movie to cover for this SALUTE TO IRISH HORROR episode, and you picked ISOLATION.

(Ironically, the decision was made just beforesocial distancing happened, so GOLD STARS to you for being ahead of fashion trends once again!)

A group of foine lads n lassies find themselves trapped on a gloomy Irish farm being hunted by science experiment gone very awry: a bloodthirsty genetically mutated bovine monster.

In other words, a Killer Cow.

No, it's not a comedy.

Directed by BILLY O' BRIEN. Starring ESSIE DAVIS ("The Babadook", "Miss FIsher's Murder Mysteries"), JOHN LYNCH and RUTH NEGGAR.

Currently available on Amazon Prime.


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