June 10, 2022

"Heterosexuality is a bourgeois disease..." - POLTERGAY (2006)
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THE DARK SIDE OF THE RAINBOW: Part 1 - "Queer Stereotypes"

Don't you hate it when your favorite disco is also an ancient Templar shrine and you die in a freak foam party accident and your soul is forced to walk the earth for the next 700 years?


Pride Month is off to a very silly start with the adorable yet kinda problematic 2006 French comedy POLTERGAY.

Boogie down with my very special guest TRAE DEAN ("DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!") and me on this madcap tour through the Gay Afterlife.

POLTERGAY is currently available to rent or buy on YouTube.


THE DARK SIDE OF THE RAINBOW is a three-part series exploring queer horror films that reveal the "ugly side" of LGBT life and why it's important for us to see it.

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AUNTIE PATSY'S SCARY MOVIE PARTY Free Movie Screenings Every Tuesday at 8pm Eastern Standard Time PRIDE MONTH SCHEDULE 6/7- "Teenagers From Outer Space" -1959 6/14- Oso Ewert's "Sacrament"-2015 6/21- "Poltergay"-2006- In French with Subtitles 6/28- "Bite Marks"-2011

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Trae Dean

Trae knows way too much about 80s slashers for his own good.