May 21, 2021

FRIDAY THE 13th: THE SERIES - "Vanity's Mirror" - "DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!" Full Episode
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"Will you love me...til the day you die?"

Those crazy shopkeepers from My Very Curious Curio Shop are taking over this episode of ScreamQueenz to bring you this full episode of "DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!", our Patreon Exclusive Podcast dedicated to FRIDAY THE 13th: THE SERIES.

Originally airing in May 2020,MAYA MURPHY and TRAE DEAN are on hand to help me tackle one of the series' most infamous and beloved episodes of all time, "VANITY'S MIRROR".

A disturbed teen girl gets bloody revenge on her tormenters with a cursed makeup compact with the power to make those who look into its mirror fall dangerously in love with her. Can Jack, Ryan and Micki retrieve the compact and stop Helen's reign of terror? Will prom night be the ultimate party to die for?

VANITY'S MIRROR was directed by WILLIAM FRUET (Funeral Home, Goosebumps, Killer Party) and stars LOUISE ROBEY, JOHN D. LEMAY, CHRIS WIGGINS, INGRID VENIGER (Gambling, Gods and LSD) and ZACH WARD (A Christmas Story, Titus, Freddy vs. Jason)

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Trae DeanProfile Photo

Trae Dean

Trae knows way too much about 80s slashers for his own good.

Maya MurphyProfile Photo

Maya Murphy

Maya Murphy is a massive nerd based in NYC. She is a co-host of DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS, a Friday the 13th tv series recap podcast. Her voice can also be heard in the upcoming video game Rosewater, and the narrative podcast Whisperling.