April 08, 2022

"There's Something Bad In Me, Daddy..." - PICTURE MOMMY DEAD (1966)
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Old Hollywood had a name for movies like PICTURE MOMMY DEAD.


"A Schlock film is the term given to a film that represents a low-budget horror flick. With overly-sensational plots, lurid special effects, and perhaps a bit of immature, albeit comedic, gag style humor ." -BeverlyBoy.com

Today, we might call it campy or cheesy or trashy, but whatever name you call it, it's a Big Gay Horror Good Time!

PICTURE MOMMY DEAD is a schlocktacular potboiler of a thriller with all the classic Gothic trappings:

  • A creepy mansion
  • A young girl suffering from amnesia
  • A murdered woman
  • A missing diamond necklace
  • And a veritable viper's nest of conniving gaslighting characters all out to screw each other out of inheriting the family fortune.


Here to add some elegance to the cinematic sleaze is fabulous queer filmmaker, ALAN ROWE KELLY (Tales of Poe, The Blood Shed, Site 13)

PICTURE MOMMY DEAD was directed by BURT I GORDON (Earth vs The Spider, Food of the Gods) and stars ZSA ZSA GABOR (Queen of Outer Space, Nightmare on Elm Street III), DON AMECHE (Heaven Can Wait, Cocoon), SUSAN GORDON (Attack of the Puppet People, Tormented), MARTHA HYER (Sabrina, The Sons of Katie Elder), MAXWELL REED (Helen of Troy, Daughter of Darkness) and WENDELL COREY (Rear Window, Sorry Wrong Number).


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Alan Rowe KellyProfile Photo

Alan Rowe Kelly

Director - Actor - Producer - Make Up Artist