May 28, 2020

SUSPENSE! - "Fugue in C-Minor" with VINCENT PRICE & IDA LUPINO - Old Time Radio
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In honor of VINCENT PRICE's birthday this week, enjoy this terrifying tale from the Golden Age of Radio.

Set in the late VIctorian era, "A Fugue in C-Minor" is a tale of mounting anxiety, doubt and fear about a new bride, voiced by IDA LUPINO recently featured in our WOMEN IN HORROR episode, begins to suspect her husband (VINCENT PRICE)may have murdered his previous wife.

But who's gaslighting whom??

"Fugue" features outstanding performances from two Hollywood legends at their murder, revenge, ghosts, creepy kids and tons of bombastic organ music to set your nerves a-tingle.

"A Fugue in C-Minor" first aired on the program SUSPENSE on July 1, 1944 and was written by LUCILLE FLETCHER ("Sorry, Wrong Number").