Sneak Peek: DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS! – “Hellowe’en”

March 06, 2020

Sneak Peek: DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS! – “Hellowe’en”
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Here's an amuse-bouche taste of Episode 5 of DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS, the Patreon-exclusive FRIDAY THE 13th: THE SERIES retrospective podcast featuring MAYA MURPHY ("21st Century Demon Fighter", "Nightwing: Escalation, Guest Host THE LURE) and the Manly Man from Texas and ScreamQueenz Gold Star Guest TRAE DEAN ( EVIL UNDER THE SUN, THE FIRST NUDIE MUSICAL)

In "Hellowe'en", the Curious Goods crew (ROBEY, JOHN D. LEMAY, CHRIS WIGGINS) decide to throw a Halloween party at the store, but wind up accidentally setting the vengeful spirit of Uncle Lewis (R.G. ARMSTRONG) free from Hell.


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Maya MurphyProfile Photo

Maya Murphy

Maya Murphy is a massive nerd based in NYC. She is a co-host of DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS, a Friday the 13th tv series recap podcast. Her voice can also be heard in the upcoming video game Rosewater, and the narrative podcast Whisperling.

Trae DeanProfile Photo

Trae Dean

Trae knows way too much about 80s slashers for his own good.