December 16, 2019

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SERIAL MOM, directed by legendary homosexual and self-proclaimed "Pope of Filth" JOHN WATERS, stars KATHLEEN TURNER in a tour-de-fabulous performance as Beverly Sutphin, a seemingly perfect suburban wife and mother who just might also be the perfect killing machine in this pitch-perfect black comedy. Also starring SAM WATERSTON (Grace and Frankie), RIKKI LAKE (Hairspray), MATTHEW LILLARD (Scream), MINK STOLE (Female Trouble) and TRACI LORDS (Cry-Baby).

I am thrilled and honored to have joining me this episode two genuinely high quality homosexals: MIKE JOHNSON and KYLE GETS. They are the hosts of GAYISH : a podcast that invites the listener to take a closer look at himself as a unique individual Gay Man. Every week, they examine a different stereotypical trait that Gay Culture assumes we all share as well as what it feels like when we don't exactly fit that mold.

I'm well-aware that sounded dreadfully high falutin and weepy, but these guys manage to do it in a way that's as refreshing and insightful as it is hilarious and often downright filthy.

I picked SERIAL MOM for them, because I didn't know how into horror movies they were.

However, I had no idea neither one of them had seen a John Waters film before.

These poor Gayish Queens won't know what hit 'em.....

The video discussed in this episode, ANY GIVEN TUESDAY, is available on YouTube. Please watch and share.


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