"It's DELIVERANCE with Demons, but no butt stuff...!" - PUMPKINHEAD (1988)

May 20, 2022

"It's DELIVERANCE with Demons, but no butt stuff...!" - PUMPKINHEAD (1988)
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This episode is dedicated in loving memory to



"Keep away from Pumpkinhead unless you're tired of living.

His enemies are mostly dead. He's mean and unforgiving."

-from the poem PUMPKINHEAD by ED JUSTIN

From the acrid, dust-choked desert comes a rural American folktale of vengeance, witchcraft and violent death.

LANCE HENRIKSEN plays Ed Harley, a simple store owner in a backwater desert community, whose son Billy (MATTHEW HURLEY) is tragically killed in a motorcycle accident caused by a group of reckless city folks who then flee the scene. With the help of a local witch (FLORENCE SHAUFFLER), Harley calls upon a demon of vengeance called Pumpkinhead to deliver blood-soaked retribution upon the offending youths.

Here to help me sort through this tangled web of eye-for-an-eye avengement, community responsibility and redemption are OSO EWERT, director of SACRAMENT and owner of OSO SCRUFFY NATURAL BEARD BRAND, and Reverand BEN FITZGERALD-FYE, pastor of SCIPIOVILLE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH.

PUMPKINHEAD is currently available to watch on TUBI. The film was directed by four-time Academy Award-winning special effects master STAN WINSTON and also stars JEFF EAST, CYNTHIA BAIN, JOEL HOFFMAN, BRIAN BREMER, GEORGE "BUCK" FLOWER and MAYIM BIALIK.

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Oso Ewert Profile Photo

Oso Ewert


One part filmmaker, one part cook, one part photographer, one part painter, many parts silly bastard, and all parts horror. Oso writes and directs horror films, and runs a beard and body care company targeting the queer community.

Rev. Ben Fitzgerald-Fye Profile Photo

Rev. Ben Fitzgerald-Fye

Pastor and Spiritual Director

Born in Punxsutawney, PA, Pastor Ben is the pastor of Scipioville Presbyterian Church in the Finger Lakes area of New York State. He is also the Stated Clerk of the Presbytery of Cayuga-Syracuse (which means nothing outside of Presby world) and a spiritual director. He has an undergraduate degree in theater performance from Seton Hill College and a Master of Divinity degree from Dubuque Seminary.
Pastor Ben's LOVE of horror films began the first time his grandma let him stay up to watch the late-night movie. After that, he and grams watched horror films together all the time. As a pastor, the interest in horror films evolved into an interest in the theological themes in horror movies like redemptive violence, demonic activity, the nature of evil, and so on...
Pastor Ben has been active in anti-gun violence work, domestic violence awareness, church inclusion, and the LGBTQIA rights movement. He lives with his husband of 18 years, Sean, and their 4 cat children Tosca, Lucy, Sahara, and baby boy Tormund.