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RORY KELSCH is a writer, actor, and storyteller. She has performed original CNF at Woodstock Bookfest Storyslams, Generation Women, and with What's Your Story NJ? an intimate, fun night of backyard storytelling she co-produces in Northern NJ. “Speak your truth, strengthen community, and engage in the hilarious and healing power of stories." Her writing is featured in Pendemic: Writing the Current Plague (, The Daily Drunk ( and in the anthology, I Am Strength: True Stories of Everyday Superwomen (Alyssa Waugh, Editor. Blind Faith Books). Rory has appeared in some TV commercials and Off-Broadway. She’s also worked as a server, bartender, caterer, babysitter, dogwalker, receptionist, cpr instructor, building superintendent, cheesemonger, oyster shucker, carpet-cleaning customer service representative, home decor sales rep, special events project manager, box office clerk—once for BabyGap, and she still has nightmares—and tour guide. Oh and there’s a pretty good marriage and 2 reasonably happy kids in there …somewhere.

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"Her pain will turn to poison in your blood..." - UMMA (2022)

Feb. 24, 2023

Our WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH Celebration continues with a look at IRIS K. SHIM 's film UMMA . In UMMA, a Korean-American woman living on an isolated farm with her teenage daughter has her world turned upside down when the ashes…