Kasey Loman


Kasey was released from the womb along with her evil twin sister as an avid horror fan. The minute she saw “A Nightmare on Elm street” on a sleepover in third grade, she knew that horror was her jam and eagerly scoured the shelves at blockbuster to dive into the wormhole of everything horror cinema has to offer. Kasey now channels her enthusiasm for everything horror into her illustration series that aims to represent strong female horror monsters and heroines in bold, simple colors and shapes. The Femmes of Fright, It’s a labor of love and blood! She works professionally as an illustrator and designer. Lives in Fayetteville Arkansas with her lovely wife of twelves years.

September 24, 2021

"You must be the loneliest girl I've ever seen..." - SAINT MAUD (2019) with KASEY LOMAN and NICOLE DAVIS

Season Twelve kicks off with some holy terror as we discuss the last temptation of SAINT MAUD (2019). Here to help me dodge the fire and brimstone and possibly provoke the wrath of God are my very special guests KASEY LOMAN, the creative mind behind EVILGOODS DESIGN and the FEMMES OF FRIGHT collection, and NICOLE DAVIS, co-host of MOVIE GO ROUND.

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