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Alan Rowe Kelly

Director - Actor - Producer - Make Up Artist

Offbeat Campy AF 60S Horror

"There's Something Bad In Me, Daddy..." - PICTURE MOMMY DEAD (1966)

April 8, 2022

Old Hollywood had a name for movies like PICTURE MOMMY DEAD . Schlock. "A Schlock film is the term given to a film that represents a low-budget horror flick . With overly-sensational plots, lurid special effects, and perhaps…

Women In Horror Offbeat


Feb. 19, 2021

Our celebration of WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH continues with a discussion of the powerful and controversial film SWALLOW . I am delighted to be joined by two very special guests: gender-bending queer horror filmmaker ALAN ROWE KE…

LGBT+ Themes Interviews

ALAN ROWE KELLY – "Tales of Poe" - The LGBT Horror Filmmaker Sessions: Part 2

June 19, 2020

This Pride Month, Meet The Out LGBT Filmmakers of Independent Horror. ALAN ROWE KELLY Sculpture, Gallery of Fear, The Blood Shed, Tales of Poe Join me for a casual conversation with Actor/Director/Producer ALAN ROWE KELLY as…