GRABBERS (2012) with MICHAEL HOWIE – “T’is no feckin lobster!”

March 29, 2019

GRABBERS (2012) with MICHAEL HOWIE – “T’is no feckin lobster!”
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IRISH HORROR MONTH comes to a grand conclusion with the briliant sci fi horror comedy GRABBERS. I'm joined once again by DEFENDER RADiO's MICHAEL HOWIE, so expect big laughs, horrific deaths, beard bonding and a whole lotta great craic. Main segement begins at 20:00

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Michael Howie

Director of Communications

Michael Howie is an award-winning journalist and the host of the Defender Radio and The Switch podcasts for The Fur-Bearers, a Canadian wildlife charity. Michael also appears as Eggerton, the flightless fairy, in the TTRPG improv podcast, The End of Time and Other Bothers ( He lives in Hamilton, Canada, with his family.