Episode 57: MRS. LUMLEY’S MASKS by R.K. Kombrinck

April 26, 2012

Episode 57: MRS. LUMLEY’S MASKS by R.K. Kombrinck
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Being that this is Episode 57, I feel it fitting to adhere to the legacy of Heinz Ketchup's motto of "57 Varieties". However, I will modify it slightly to say that this episode is "57 Varieties of All Fucked Up!" This is the long-awaited reading of MRS. LUMLEY'S MASKS, an original short story by NOTLP's beloved KELLEY KOMBRINCK. I've had a amazing time putting this together for you, and if you think Kelley's all cute and cuddly...think again. Well, actually he is cute and cuddly, but he's also All Fucked Up. I believe that would be Variety #39. And if you're clamoring for movie dish, I've got the preview scoop on John Cusack's THE RAVEN. Feathers will fly. Then, I can't wait to introduce you to our Friend from Line (All Fucked Up Variety # 44), whose physical being (and demeanor) is described on the show as similar to each of the following: She's a peach! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: R.K.Kombrinck is an artist/author from Cincinnati, OH. He lives in a deeply disturbing Suburban dystopia with his wife and two sons. His interest in the horror genre began early and his urge to scare his friends and family soon developed into writer-ly aspirations. His equal interest in drawing led him into exploring storytelling through sequential art where he could pair his two passions. As an adult he's continued to plumb the depths of darkness and monstosity through short stories which have been published in several genre anthologies. He is also a founding member of the popular podcast "Night of the Living Podcast" which he uses as a mouthpiece for disseminating his horror-nerd agenda. He loves iced tea (unsweet) and genuinely believes in Sasquatch. Click here for his official AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE