I don't care if it's not prom season yet! This episode is all about CARRIE! CARRIE the book! CARRIE the musical! CARRIE the movie! CARRIE the breakfast cereal! What? There isn't a breakfast cereal yet!?!? (note to self...get on that! Should be pork flavored and turn the milk crimson!) I'm joined by my longtime friend, the nauseatingly talent OWEN ROBERTSON, who proves he's not actually a figment of my imagination by finally coming on the show to reminisce about the unfortunate young Miss White in all of her many (occasionally ridiculous) incarnations. We also get all serious and shit, pondering why STEPHEN KING's first monster has had such a lasting fascination, especially in the gay community. If you love CARRIE, you're going to have more fun than giving JOHN TRAVOLTA a big wet talking blowjob in the parking lot! (Well, maybe not that much fun!) If you don't love CARRIE, then you eat shit!