Episode 49: TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD at 42nd Street Drive-In!

January 06, 2012

Episode 49: TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD at 42nd Street Drive-In!
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Happy New Year, Screamerz! This week, I'm sitting down with Chris & Shawn from the 42nd Street Drive-In podcast to dish the dish on the 1972 Spanish classic, TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD! Even though we don't get into it on the show, this movie actually scared the livin' crud out of me when I saw it on WPIX-Channel 11's CHILLER THEATER when I was a tiny waif. Technically, this should be a beast from the NIGHTMARE CLOSET, but nothing's scarier than Brad's imitation of these undead Templar nasties. Especially when he does it nekkid. Yoinks! Plus, BETTE & DERWOOD, everyone's favorite brown-nosers call in with reviews of THE SHRINE and DREAM HOME, and then reveal that they're not the straight-A students they pretend to be. I feel a spanking coming on! And finally, the GREEN GOBLIN/TIMES SQUARE TAKEOVER gets shredded, AMERICAN HORROR STORY gets schooled, THE WALKING DEAD get reamed and then....a listener is going to get publicly and merciless thrashed on this episode. Is it YOU??? *ominous thunderclap, howling wolf, maniacal laughter, silent queef*