DRAMAQUEENZ: Episode 1 – Special Guest Star ALENA ACKER

October 26, 2011

DRAMAQUEENZ: Episode 1 – Special Guest Star ALENA ACKER
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In this very special inaugural (ie. test) episode of "DRAMAQUEENZ: The Podcast Where THEATER Gets Bent!", I am joined by the very lovely and talented ALENA ACKER!

Alena plays my wife Bridget Burke in LiveInTheater's production of THE RYAN CASE 1873. Plus, she stars in and helped create the award-winning comedy web series MOTHER EVE'S SECRET GARDEN!

I am honored and truly delighted that she stopped by ScreamQueenz Headquarters (SQHQ) to discuss Punchdrunk Theater company's SLEEP NO MORE.

Now, I know you loyal Screamerz have already heard Mister Brad and I dish the dirt on SLEEP NO MORE, but Alena brings a certain grace and poise (and sobriety) to the conversation that may have been lacking when we squawked through it several months ago.

Also, I was lucky enough to have Elena to allow me to share with you some of the hilarious music from the show she did at the Midtown International Theater Festival this past summer, MOTHER EVE'S SECRET GARDEN OF SENSUAL SISTERHOOD. Even though the show's closed, the company just recorded a cast album, and I think you'll get a huge kick out it.

"But, Patrick", you say. "Why are you covered a show that's not running anymore?

Very simple:

  • It's still a successful and hilarious web series that you should be checking out.
  • Cuz my pussy told me so. My pussy told me so.

For more information about SLEEP NO MORE, visit www.mckittrickhotel.com


Check out more of ALENA and MOTHER EVE at www.MotherEves.com