November 09, 2020

"DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!" - The Poison Pen
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You survived Election Day. But can you survive another



Celebrate the unluckiest day of the year with a peak behind The Paywall with another full episode of our Patreon-exclusive FRIDAY THE 13th: THE SERIESretrospective podcast, "DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS!"

In "The Poison Pen", Ryan and Micki must go undercover as monks to infiltrate a monastery in order to retrieve a cursed quill pen that spells Doomsday for anyone who crosses its owner's path.

My trusty but snarky fellow shopkeeps MAYA MURPHY and TRAE DEANare on hand to help you untangle this mystery, poorly bind your boobs and make sure you get the shower stall with the best glory hole.


Friday the 13th: The SeriesSeason 1 Episode 2 starsJohn D. LeMay, Louise Robey, Chris Wiggins, Colin Fox and Larry Reynolds.


Get access to every episode ofDAMN YOU UNCLE LEWISas well as all other Patron-exclusive content for as little as $2 a month.

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Trae DeanProfile Photo

Trae Dean

Trae knows way too much about 80s slashers for his own good.

Maya MurphyProfile Photo

Maya Murphy

Maya Murphy is a massive nerd based in NYC. She is a co-host of DAMN YOU, UNCLE LEWIS, a Friday the 13th tv series recap podcast. Her voice can also be heard in the upcoming video game Rosewater, and the narrative podcast Whisperling.