March 24, 2023

"The body is a long insatiable tube..." - CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE (1964)
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Travel back in time with me to 1892 to discuss DEL TENNEY's fiendishly catty proto-slasher CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE.

Following the death of their abusive sadistic father, a gaggle of his horrid offspring descend upon the creepy old family mansion to collect their inheritance only to be murdered one by one in the most deliciously gruesome ways.

Clearly, they never learned ScreamQueenz Rule #513:

"When you bury an evil tyrant, MAKE SURE HE'S REALLY DEAD!"

In order to plunge the depths ofCURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE. I'm joined by everybody's favorite dead dude: New York City horror host UNKLE SPOOKY.

CURSE OF LIVING CORPSEis currently available for free onYouTubeandTubi.

Directed byDEL TENNEY("Horror of Party Beach", "I Eat Your Skin"). Written byDEL TENNEYandMARGOT HARTMAN. StarringROY SCHEIDER("Jaws", "All That Jazz"),CANDACE HILLIGOSS("Carnival of Souls") andROBERT MILLI ("All My Children", "Guiding Light").

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