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STAGE FRIGHT (2014) and Aberrant’s GHOST LIGHT TRILOGY – Horror in Live Theater – with JORDI McDAEL & MICHAEL KEYLOUN

Oct. 19, 2019

This episode is part of the EVERY DAY IS HALLOWEEN Fundraiser Benefiting New Alternatives for Homeless LGBT Youth. Help save a life this holiday season. Donate to New Alternatives at or via Facebook at It's Pod-a-Thon time again, Screamerz, and Day One is going to slay…

NOT A Horror Movie LGBT+ Themes Musicals?!?

CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC (1980) with Chris Diani & Scott the Satyr

June 28, 2019

Gay Pride Month in New York City is almost over, and we're sending it off with a great big FLAMING bang! We're taking a departure from the world of gore-streaked world of horror to talk about the greatest, glittery-est, humpiest, cruisiest, disco dancin', roller boogyin', gay/not-gay, semi-biog…

LGBT+ Themes

B&B (2007) – “Are we teaching him something, or making him eat ****?”

June 14, 2019

Kick off Pride Month with this tense gay Hitchcockian thriller!5

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May 5, 2019

Please take 30 seconds to sign the ACLU's petiton demanding a stop to the mental, physical & sexual abuse of immigrant children in American concentration camps at Do it now. The show can wait. ************************************* ANDREW HUFF & MATTY ZARADICH from FRIGAY THE 13th …