June 19, 2020

ALAN ROWE KELLY – "Tales of Poe" - The LGBT Horror Filmmaker Sessions: Part 2
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This Pride Month, Meet The Out LGBT Filmmakers of Independent Horror.



Sculpture, Gallery of Fear, The Blood Shed, Tales of Poe

Join me for a casual conversation with Actor/Director/Producer ALAN ROWE KELLY as we discuss his transition from the world of fashion and makeup into horror, gender ambiguity. celebrity run-ins, and primal fears when you're living queer.

You're invited to a very special PRIDE MONTH DOUBLE FEATURE WATCH PARTY showcasing the films of BART MASTRONARDI & ALAN ROWE KELLY!



A Different Kind of Coming Out Story

"Eloquent, original and deeply felt...

What a real horror movie looks and feels like." - CLIVE BARKER

Directed by Bart Mastronardi

Featuring Alan Rowe Kelly

3 pm Eastern

A FAR CRY FROM HOME (short film)

Directed by & Starring ALAN ROWE KELLY

4:45 pm Eastern

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Alan Rowe KellyProfile Photo

Alan Rowe Kelly

Director - Actor - Producer - Make Up Artist